‘Friendly’ cashier remains upbeat

Betty Sue Rose, cashier in the SLC, counts her drawer before leaving for the day.

Betty Sue Rose, cashier in the SLC, counts her drawer before leaving for the day.

Despite the drizzle last week, Betty Sue Rose still beamed at students as they scanned their ID cards in anticipation for lunch.

Rose works as a cashier in the dining room in the Student Life Center.

“She’s always really friendly and knows everyone’s name,” said Katie Hargrove, sophomore international studies major.

Hargrove said if a student has any questions, Rose is always willing to answer them and help the student find what they need.

“I really love the kids,” Rose said. “They’re upbeat, and it keeps me upbeat.”

She said she enjoys the people she works with and all of her coworkers really care about the students and want them to have food that they like.

Rose admits that although she likes her job, it is a lot of hard work. She said there’s a lot of clean up to do after the dining room closes.

“It’s not always easy taking out trash and cleaning,” she said.

On an average day, Rose’s husband, Allan, takes her to work every weekday morning, where she works from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

After her husband picks her up from work they go visit her mother, who is 88 years old. Then they return to their home in Webb City, where she does housework before having supper with her husband.

They go out for supper often. So often, she said, that one of the times when she cooked at home and called for her husband to come to supper, he went out to the car, ready to go eat out.

Rose said she really likes to cook, she just doesn’t have the time to do it often. Some of her specialties include sweet lime pickles, deviled eggs and strawberry pie. Her family always asks about them whenever they have dinners together.

While Rose doesn’t have kids of her own, she has several nieces and nephews she loves. Last summer she and her husband took a some of them to Disney World.

“I don’t want to work at a job without people,” she said. “I really like people.”

She said that one of the favorite parts of her job is greeting the students as they come in.

“You can always tell when they’re down, having a hard time, or having a problem with school,” she said. “I say a little prayer for them because I know it’s not always easy being young.”

Having Christ in her heart motivates Rose to try to do her best and have a good outlook on life when things aren’t the greatest.

“When things go wrong, I have somebody turn to,” she said. “If they can see that difference in me, maybe they’ll turn and put their life in the Lord’s hands.”