For the benefit of our readers

Don’t forget to cast your vote on Tuesday.

President George W. Bush Senator John Kerry Economy *Investment and aid to states will help economy rebound. (Aug. 2003)

*Provides assistance to new small businesses. (Aug. 2003)

*Simplify tax code to stimulate economic growth. (April 1999) *Kerry pledges 10 million new jobs & to slow outsourcing. (March 2004)

*Will follow Clinton’s plan to halve deficit in four years. (Oct. 2003)

*Base policy on broad growth and progressive taxation. (Oct. 2003) Civil Rights *Education, housing, and hiring must be equal for all. (May 2004)

*Reach out to minorities, but without quotas. (June 1999)

*Bush calls for constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. (Feb. 2004) *Supports affirmative action now and into the future. (March 2004)

*Personally believes marriage is between a man & a woman. (May 2004)

*Provide gays and lesbians with full coverage of civil rights. (June 1996) Education *”No Child Left Behind” increases accountability. (Aug. 2003)

*Improve education with local control, accountability. (Sept. 2000)

*$25B over 10 years for reading, Pell Grants, & charters. (Oct. 2000) *Fully fund No Child Left Behind. (Oct. 2004)

*Vouchers drain resources from public schools. (Jan. 2004)

*Providing student loans for college kids is an ethical issue. (Oct. 1996) Foreign Policy *Foreign affairs is interpersonal leadership, not knowledge. (Aug. 2004)

*Full transition to democratic Iraq by Jan. 2005. (May 2004)

*Will keep sanctions against Cuba. (Aug. 2000) *Preemptive strike must pass a global test. (Sept. 2004)

*America should lead by extending a hand, not a fist. (Aug. 2004)

*Supports multilateral cooperative internationalism. (Oct. 2003)