Budget tops Senate talks

Eric Ducommun - Student Senate President

Eric Ducommun – Student Senate President

Budget issues dominated much of the discussion during Student Senate’s Oct. 13 meeting.

The budget for the rest of the fall semester stands at $11,980, minus the deductions from the evening’s appropriations.

“It won’t last all the way to the end of the semester if we continue to give out $1,000 to each organization,” said Kelli Friga, treasurer.

The situation sparked a debate among the senators off and on during the meeting. Several senators pointed out the fact the appropriations are based on forms and information given by the organizations requesting funds. It is the responsibility of any organization coming to Senate to fill out, to the best of their knowledge, a request form. The forms, as well as a meeting with the organizations, are used by the finance committee to determine the legitimacy of the requests.

The finance committee then makes a recommendation to the Senate.

Another issue brought out during the meeting was a resolution to support the building of a recreation and health facility on campus. This brought up discussions as well because the rules were suspended to allow for a resolution.

“We may not have done the best at following parliamentary procedure, but we did have many topics brought up,” said Eric Ducommun, Senate president. “And we got a resolution passed.”

The resolution says Senate will make a request to the Board of Governors to make the rec. center a top priority. The Senate also requests the Board to allow for the development of conceptual drawings.

The Senate also heard from Kelly Wilson, director of the student support center.

Wilson asked the senators to consider working with the support center on a community service project. The proposal is to work with the Department of Public Safety and the Joplin Police Department to help keep students from drinking and driving.

The program would involve requesting to local bars participate in a designated drivers’ program, as well as checking to see if area convenience stores check for identification when purchasing alcohol.

“It’s not a sting operation,” Wilson said.

Underage students would go to local convenience stores and attempt to buy alcohol. If the clerk on duty asks for identification, the clerk will receive a good report, but if the clerk does not ask for identification, then the manager will be contacted.

Other discussions brought up during the meeting concerned the Missouri Southern Web site.

“It’s (the Web site) actually the window of the University,” said sophomore senator Alex Vassilev.

Discussion over the site and its appearance led Senate to decide to look into proposing changes to the site.

The discussion also led to the campus’s broad appeal to students and the sports coverage in The Chart as areas to improve.

The Senate also allocated two organizations funds for conference trips.

The Student Nurses Association received $620 for four students go to Daytona Beach for a conference dealing with nursing education.

Delta Epsilon Chi received $700 to send at least 10 students to Las Vegas for a leadership conference.

Senate ended after Ducommun acknowledged the Institute of International Studies for buying the Bulgarian flag senators had been working toward.