Fashion has no pricetag, threfore excuses are not accepted

Monique Jamerson

Monique Jamerson

Being a student at Missouri Southern gives me the opportunity to sit and observe other students.

When I do, I realize there are people in this world who either have no sense of fashion or just need a little direction. I am not here to criticize you for what you wear, I just want to shed some light on those who might have lost touch with reality.

Not all fashions are acceptable. I want to help so you may one day help others. I just have a few questions, it won’t take long but hopefully my point comes across clearly.

What is it with girls who wear those shiny pants? Have you lost your mind? There are other ways to stop traffic.

And can somebody tell me what’s up with fat women who try, I say try, to fit into a skinny woman’s clothing — have you too lost your mind? Stop wearing your children’s clothing.

What about the girls who wear cleavage shirts when they know good and darn well that their breasts hang so low they could tie them in a bow, that is not cleavage, sorry.

Extensions, weave, horsehair — it’s not yours. Save the horses, quit killing them. If your hair doesn’t grow, find another solution, not an innocent animal.

I have a small pet peeve. Belts, shoes and purses are all supposed to match. Your purse compliments your shoes, so in other words, they have to match. Socks and sandals, come on, it’s either one or the other, not both.

Another thing, Labor Day has passed which means no white dress shoes, period. Pajamas–don’t you think it is a little inappropriate to wear to school what you wore to bed the night before? If you don’t have time to get properly dressed stay at home.

FYI: mascara is to accentuate your eyelashes not clump them together. Make-up is to enhance your beauty, not kill it.

Swishy pants — does everyone have to wear the? The noise it makes annoys me beyond control. Just listen, “swish, swish, swish.” Have you ever heard of jeans?

I was looking at the forecast the other morning and nowhere did the weather call for a flood, so I beg thee, stop wearing floods. They make jeans for those of who are tall and those who are short. Pick one that fits, and guess what, it doesn’t cost extra.

Do-rags are not to be worn out in public; they are to lay your hair down at night, not all day. Only those of you who are ghetto do this.

Men, do we have to see your cracks? People are dying from it daily. Clothes are meant to fit. I realize it’s a fad, and you’re trying to look cool, but this is not the way. I just want you all to know that you look like a bunch of uneducated fools. What did your mothers really teach you?

Dreadlocks, what is this crap? You’re not Bob Marley, and you will never be him. Dreadlocks are a symbol of the Rastafarian religion, not a fad. Are you a Rastaman? And these red, yellow and green wristbands, what are they? They look like a partial roll of Life Savers candy, are you hungry or something? If so, the Lions Den is pretty close.

I am not the fashion police, but when I see things of this nature, I wonder, what the hell were they thinking when they put that on.

Again, I criticize only to help. There are those who will talk about it when you’re gone and then there are people like me who will speak to you directly.

It is not expensive to have a good sense of fashion. So round up some coins and shop away.

Monique Jamerson is the Public Forum Editor for The Chart. Her opinions are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chart staff.