Safe Halloween

Twenty thousand pieces of candy is enough to make any child squeal with delight.

With Halloween around the corner, the residents of McCormick Hall have been busy setting up for Safe Halloween.

Safe Halloween has been in effect for more than 15 years.

For these past years, children in the sixth grade and under have come to McCormick Hall to receive free candy from resident hall students.

Last year, more than 275 children came and the residents handed out two pieces of candy to each child.

However, the children aren’t the only ones to enjoy Safe Halloween.

“It makes everyone excited,” said Carla Fairbanks, resident director of McCormick Hall

This year the McCormick residents are decorating their halls with different themes like a “CSI” scene, a graveyard, a basic Halloween theme and Candyland. They are also able to dress up in costumes of their choice.

“It’s better to have a happy atmosphere,” Fairbanks said.

Amanda Ince, junior middle school education major, led children through the halls last year and this year she plans to participate in Safe Halloween once more.

She said she has enjoyed the excitement, as well as getting to don a Halloween costume.

Although the residents enjoy Safe Halloween, they must start to prepare weeks before.

The staff assistants for McCormick Hall started to sign up volunteers on Oct. 1. There has also been plenty of behind-the-scenes work for those involved such as obtaining the candy and getting the event in the local newspapers.

Some consider that the hard work worth the reward.

When 6 p.m. arrives, Fairbanks said the children and their parents will be lined up out to the parking lot and the residents will be steadily giving out candy all night long.

Each child gets an average of 60 pieces of candy for 20 minutes of the parents’ time.

“It’s a convenience thing for the kids,” Fairbanks said.

The idea of Safe Halloween has also been passed on to Pittsburg State University and has spread around to different areas.

Fairbanks credited its success to a variety of factors.

“It’s fast, and it’s free,” Fairbanks said.

Students at Southern who have children are encouraged to bring them to McCormick this Sunday night.

For more information, students may call the Student Activities office at 417-625-9346.