Crosswalk not safe for pedestrians

I want to warn everyone regarding the circumstances surrounding why I was almost killed the other day while crossing from the lower stadium parking lot at the point where there’s a the small break in the barrier that separates the crosswalk.

The flashing sign designating the crosswalk appears to be too far a way from the crosswalk for the attention span of the average moron driver.

The driver of the vehicle in the outside lane yielded to me. I really couldn’t see around him so I stopped before proceeding across the inside lane. Good thing.

I could see that the face of the girl on the opposite curb had turned white.

A young male driver at an excessive rate of speed neglected to take into account that the driver in the outside lane had stopped and flew by less than six inches from me. I told that girl that she would have had to be a witness so that my kids could become wealthier than my estate would have made them. She preferred not to have had to do that.

There is something wrong with the elevation of the road to have extended the divider beyond the walkway. I couldn’t see what was coming in the inside lane, especially with the large vehicle stopped in the outside lane. I assume that any driver not intending to stop would not have been able to see me or anyone else crossing.

Some students may not be as cautious as I.

Mari Winn Taylor