Reflections on college life(Please publish in letters to editor or Inperspective)

Reflecting on being a college student for the past nine years, I never thought I would attain a degree. Back in 1995, I was excited to start my path to higher education. From 1995-1997, I was a MSSC student. From there I felt compelled to attend OCC. After 2 1/2 years, a semester off, and loosing over 30 credit hours in retransferring, I returned to MSSU.

Since spring 2001, it has been a long struggle to find my niche. When my long desire of a program for Public Relations appeared, I jumped on the bandwagon. Along with other P.R. students, in 2003 the MSSU chapter for the Public Relations Student Society of Ameica was birthed. I have gained so much insight and passion for building and maintaining relationships with people. My passion burned brighter with my internship with Career Services and volunteering for the United Way. With God’s guidence, I definately thank him for getting me to my current position.I would also like to personally thank current and former faculty, staff, and students of MSSU for believing in me and supporting me the past nine years. I am the first member of my immediate family to receiving a degree. It is very difficult as I type these words while the joyful tears roll down my face. MSSU has become a special part of my life in which I will remember for a lifetime.