International Club receives funds for trip

Eric Ducommun - Student Senate President

Eric Ducommun – Student Senate President

With several organizations not using their full allocations, Student Senate gained $800 for its budget on Nov. 10.

During the Nov. 3 meeting, senators allocated $800 to two organizations.

The Russian Club received $200 and the Respiratory Therapy Club received $600.

The Nov. 10 meeting opened with $10,305.

The Finance/Investment Club made a request, but the finance committee recommended zero dollars.

Kelli Friga, Senate treasurer, said the club did not provide enough information to merit a recommendation.

During the Nov. 10 meeting, the Finance/Investment Club came back with another request.

This time, the Senate suspended the rules to hear the presentation.

The request was for a trip to New York City to study the stock exchange.

Again, the finance committee recommended zero dollars because of the lack of information provided by the organization.

Eric Ducommun, senate president said there were several errors on the original request, but on the second request, there was not enough information to determine an allocation.

The Senate motioned to allocate zero dollars during the Nov. 3 meeting and during the Nov. 10 meeting, it motioned to have the club return with more information.

The International Club also received $400 during the Nov. 10 meeting for a trip to Silver Dollar City.

Rahila Kahn, Senate vice-president and president of the club, said the trip would allow international students to experience American culture.

Ducommun also encouraged senators to fill out the Outstanding Teacher Award forms.

“It’s one way to give back to an instructor who has made an impact in your life during the past semester,” he said.

Adam Griffin, Senate advisor, also encouraged senators to go to Casino Night later in the evening.

Three positions are now available on Senate.

The Senate meeting with University President Julio León will be on Nov. 17.

The first 15 minutes of the meeting will be dedicated to regular business. The latter half of the meeting will be dedicated to asking León questions of concern to the students.

Amber Hemphill, Senate secretary, said León has not made a decision on painting the red bridges in front of Webster Hall.

She will ask León about the issue during the question-and-answer session.

Also during the Nov. 17 meeting, a resolution for a disc-golf course will be discussed.

All meetings are open to the public at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the House of Lords room on the third floor of the Billingsly Student Center.