Enrollment becomes available online

Seniors with more than 90 credit hours will be able to register online starting in the spring for the summer and fall 2005 semesters.

“We are going to phase it in with seniors being allowed to register first,” said Steve Earney, assistant vice president for information services. “It will be a part of Lion Link.”

Earney said normal enrollment limitations will apply. Students can still appeal for overrides of a prerequisite if they do not have the prerequisite or to get into a closed class.

“This University values advising,” Earney said. “You have to have the adviser’s authorization to pre-enroll, which is why they don’t want freshmen doing it.”

Sandra Gleson, registrar, said the administration is still working out the final details. Students will need an adviser and a code to register online. Seniors will have priority because they have more experience with enrolling. Gleson said students can still register with their advisers on their assigned dates.

“I don’t think students know what classes they should or should not take,” Jason Allen, sophomore sociology major. “They need the advisers.”

“For some kids, it’s a good idea,” said Stacy Lilly, sophomore secondary education major. “I live off campus. It’s easier for me to do it at home than to drive up here.”

“It sounds like a good idea,” Heather Henderson, sophomore chemistry major. “[It will] make registering for classes a lot easier.”

Bruce Miller, senior CIS major, said does not fully agree with online registration.

“I think at times they give the students too much control,” Miller said.