Teammates share more than love for football

Nic Procter- Senior General Business Major

Nic Procter- Senior General Business Major

Two people would have to be close to each other to have the same hobbies, go to the same school and share the same DNA.

Known as the Proctor Twins, these two are most easily recognized when they are on the football field. Nic, senior general business major, competes as a cornerback, and Nate, senior economics-finance major, plays the position of a running back.

They have played football since eighth grade, only taking their junior year in high school off for a season.

They were attracted to Missouri Southern when they were both offered scholarships. Before coming to Southern, they attended Fort Worth Community College.

Nic and Nate have also lived together for most of their time in college.

“A familiar face helps out a whole lot, especially a brother,” said Nic, “[With a twin,] you always got someone.”

Although the twins share identical features, they have two different personalities.

“Nate is more dedicated,” Nic said, “He’s kind of sexy too.”

Nate said Nic is the out-going twin. However, Nate describes himself as the more “laid-back” counter-part.

“Nic’s more competitive. So he’ll figure out a way to beat you,” Nate said, “He’s a competitor.”

The two could not believe how some twins are not close, such as some friends they know.

“The biggest disadvantage [to being a twin] is when he’s not around,” Nate said.

“It’s almost like a depression,” Nic said. “It sucks.”

Both are passionate about football and having fans involved.

“As a football player, I think [the school spirit] was top-notch,” Nic said.

“A lot of people came out and supported us.”

The only complaint the two mentioned was when the fans’ expression of their school spirit was limited.

“I want our fans to do whatever they can to help us, as long as it’s legal,” Nic said, “A big part of the home-field advantage is the fan. A lot of fans come out to support, but they can’t.”

After graduation, both plan to go back to their hometown, Olathe, Kan., and work at Budweiser so they might earn some money. Nic plans to one day come back to open a bar here in Joplin. They look forward to coming back and finding Southern as a “powerhouse in the MIAA.”