Paper use wasteful

Students in the Spiva Library complain use of the printing paper is being used excessively.

Wendy McGrane, library director, said, the policy for the computers in the library is the same policy for any other computer on campus.

“The library used to charge for printing but not anymore,” McGrane said. “This changed when the campus policy changed.”

McGrane said if students would realize they are the ones paying for the printing then they would print more conservatively.

She said this could possibly save students money in the long run.

“If students were to run a print preview it will allow them to see exactly the number of pages being printed,” McGrane said.

She said students printing multi-page documents may only need a few pages from the document and clicking print preview prevent an unwanted document from being printed.

“I like that it’s available but I think people of use a lot of paper,” said Brandy Anderson, sophomore secondary education major. “Ultimately, different fees are paying for the overuse of paper.”