Package offers home GED

Preparing for the General Education Degree test is now available in the comfort of one’s own home.

“It replaces what [one] would obtain through a high school experience,” said Dr. Jerry Williams, director of Lifelong Learning.

Designed by the Division of Lifelong Learning at Missouri Southern, students wishing to complete their high school education can practice for the actual test without attending a traditional classroom setting.

Williams said the studying is done in the comfort of the home but does not provide some effects in the classroom.

The in-home GED preparation package was created seven years ago, but, because the GED test changed, the preparation package was stopped for four-and-a-half years for changes.

“The package was not appropriate for the test,” Williams said.

Included in the package, there are televised courses, textbooks, online pretests and information on the GED test.

The televised courses are 30-minute shows at 9-10 p.m. Friday nights on KGCS-LP and Southern Instructional Television. The shows focus on the subjects of reading, social studies, science, English and math.

For a fee of $25, tapes or DVDs can be rented. The fee is reimbursed when the rentals are returned.

The three textbooks are for math, reading and science and English and social studies. The shows are tied in with the chapters in the textbooks.

With the online part of the package, students can take sample tests to practice. Feedback is given back to the students to track their progress.

This will eliminate testing fears or testing problems, Williams said.

In the past, 30 students have signed up for the package.

“I would hope by next year to have 30 students,” Williams said.

Williams said the idea to offer the package at Southern originally came after he ran into several people who did not have their GED.

“[They may have had] bad experiences in school,” he said.

Without a GED, one cannot sign up for the military or apply to a university, he said.

The GED preparation package is a positive aspect to receiving one’s high school education.

“It opens a lot of doors,” Williams said.

Robin Douglas, instructional television, said having the package gives support and “great service to the community.”

“Education is the key to the society,” she said.

The package is $135 per student. A $20 check must be sent to the State of Missouri in order to pay for the test itself.

Williams said part of the $135 is used to proctor the test, which is in a testing room and not over the Internet, by Student Services.

For more information, students may contact Douglas at 625-9887 or e-mail at [email protected] or Lifelong Learning at 625-9652.