Bowl Time

Bowl Time

Bowl Time

Southern students have prepared for Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 6th.

This year marks the 39th-annual Super Bowl, which determines the best team between the two NFL conferences. On Sunday, the AFC’s New England Patriots will take on the NFC’s Philadelphia Eagles in Jacksonville, Fla. This game will determine who is the best in football, commercials and who the big stars are in this year’s halftime show.

Not only teams, but big time companies spend money to battle out the best of the best advertisement for the year, which is what brings many viewers to their televisions.

“I like the commercials,” said Misty Bradley, freshman physical therapy major. “I just think they spend too much money.”

Even Southern football players will be watching the game.

“I am going to my friend’s house to watch the big game on the big screen,” said Demarcus Mathes senior secondary education major and Southern wide-receiver. “Go Patriots.”

Others will also be finding company for the game.

“[I am going to] get together with friends,” said Iasha Castle, junior accounting business major.

The Patriots are not the only team with fans watching.

“Go Philadelphia,” said Dan Quarles, sophomore general business major.

Quarles said he plans on drinking and partying while watching Super Bowl XXXIX.

Other people prefer to tune in for the non-athletic performances.

“I am very excited to see what this year’s halftime show has in store,” said Lynita Bridges, freshman nursing major. “I just hope it’s not another Janet Jackson stunt.”

Other students have made other plans, some because their favorite team isn’t playing.

“I’m not watching the Super Bowl this year because the Rams aren’t playing,” said Marquita Eberhart, freshman nursing major.

“I not watching the game because my team is not playing,” Bradley said.

The Residence Hall Association will host a Super Bowl party starting at 5 p.m. Sunday in the Student Life Center TV Room.

Free food and drinks will be available for Southern residence hall students.