For the love of commercials, food or the love of the game

Noelle Ott - Sports Editor

Noelle Ott – Sports Editor

There are those who watch “it” for the interruptions. Those people who watch “it” for the intermission and then there are those who are the true fans of “it.”

“It” is, of course, the long-awaited Super Bowl. (I just realized the Super Bowl wasn’t in January not too long ago, which tells you how long I have been waiting.)

Tensions are running high between the fans of the competing teams and anticipation only builds as the time draws closer.

With free time on my hands, which isn’t much, I recently took a step back to ponder the question, “What type of viewer am I?” It didn’t take long to find out.

I have discovered I am, what is commonly known as, a Baptist viewer.

In other words, I go for the food.

It doesn’t matter what kind of food it is as long as I can eat it and the fact that it can’t be toxic is a must.

I love the chips and homemade cheese dip. The fried chicken creates exhilaration for my mouth. Potato wedges and pork rines instantly remind me of a football game with my family.

Ahhhh… the wonders of junk food at a football game.

However, I want to make sure you understand something.

I am not a Southern Baptist viewer. Here’s the difference, a Southern Baptist viewer does not stop at the fried chicken.

Oh no, they have the full seven course meal before the game, chips and dip during, and then stop at Shake’s for ice-cream to top it off to celebrate, even if their team didn’t win. (By the way, who’s playing? Just kidding, I know it’s the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.)

A woman at the church I attend is a huge fan of the Eagles and is hosting a Super Bowl party for “when they win.” I’m thinking of going there decked out in silver, blue and gray, but there’s a small problem in this plan of mine.

She’s a good cook and she’s Southern Baptist.

These are the type of decisions that can cause too much stress.

I am looking forward to the actual game. I just don’t really care for those games when one team is pulling the victory all the way, even if it is the team I like.

I always want those games that keep you glued to your seat, biting your nails and ready to either cry in shame or yell in victory at the end of the last quarter. (However, if it can go into overtime, that’s better in my opinion.)

The game is always better when it’s so close you don’t know whether you will end up being humiliated, owing someone money. (Not really, I am a college student and don’t really have money to bet.) Or basking in the glory that’s not truly yours.

Those are the games everyone talks about the next day, even when they should be listening to their instructor.

Well, I guess I’ll have to wait until Sunday to see how “it” goes, but if you know of a good Super Bowl party going on that has enough food to feed the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as the crowd, please feel free to let me know.