Food service stands up to test

For more than a year now, Sodexho has been dishing out meals to Southern students.

Though the food may not be up to everyone’s taste, and it may have the same humor associated with it that every other college-level food service has, Sodexho is doing its job.

The workers prepare the food with care. They work to keep the students happy. Sometimes the food gets boring, but all food goes that way after awhile.

The good news is Sodexho has passed all of its inspections, which means the students cannot complain about the

food not being sterile.

Overall, our current food services are working out well. There should be no complaints. The workers care, the supervisors care, and the relationships are growing.

Hopefully, when the next contract with Sodexho must be prepared, the company will choose to hold on for another term.

As much as students want the food service to be better, the more they want their food to reflect the is in compliance with the student body.

Since Sodexho has been at Missouri Southern, they have been willing to try new things to keep the students happy.

They have added a variety of spices and newer ice cream toppings.

Sodexho and its workers have been working on expediting the service to keep lines short and to keep students from waiting longer than necessary. In the end, the students will be the ones to reap the benefits of good service; stand behind them, and they will stand behind you.