Board moves meeting time in effort to increase membership

The Campus Activities Board is making a change to its weekly schedule.

Now, during the second week of every month, CAB is moving their meetings to Fridays, immediately following grocery bingo.

Their hope is for more people will attend their meetings.

“We’re bringing [CAB] to the students,” said Jason Givens, senior CIS major.

“If we have [CAB meetings] on Wednesday, no one comes,” said Grahm Dickinson, senior finance major.

Dickinson said he thought the date change would bring more students to CAB.

“There might not be a whole lot [more], but there will probably be some more people,” he said.

CAB has been brainstorming about different ways to increase student interest and involvement in their organization.

One thing happening is student orientation leaders are being encouraged to bring their classes by the student activities office.

“The orientation leaders are telling their students to come to CAB, but the orientation leaders aren’t even coming to CAB,” Dickinson said.

During this week’s “Friends” Fest, CAB had a sign-up sheet for students who were interested in joining CAB.

“We had about 12 or 15 people sign up who are interested in CAB,” Dickinson said.

Final preparations are also being made for the karaoke night, which will take place on Thursday in the Student Life Center. The event is themed, “Guitars, tiki bars and a whole lot of fun.”

CAB has also started to advertise for its upcoming talent show. Cash prizes will be awarded for solo and group performances. First prize in category is $200.

“It’s a good way to earn cash for yourself or your organization,” said Julie Blackford, director of student activities.

The deadline for talent show entries is March 2. Currently, no entries have been submitted.

CAB is continuing to brainstorm about different ways to boost its membership.

Grocery bingo takes place at 11 a.m. Friday in the Lion’s Den.

Immediately following will be CAB’s weekly meeting.

Students with ideas or interest in CAB are invited to come play grocery bingo and stay after for a meeting. CAB will meet at 1 p.m. in the student activities office on the second floor of the Billingsly Student Center.