Locked doors rids thieves

Locked doors rids thieves

Barry Linduff II

Locked doors rids thieves

After some research by a Department of Public Safety officer who found many cars on campus unlocked, it is surprising there has not been any spree of thefts from cars parked on campus.

About three quarters of the cars parked in a residence hall parking lot on a particular night were found to be left visibly unlocked. The officer found this not by trying door handles, but by simply looking in windows and checking the cars’ locks.

Keeping valuables safe takes responsibility. College students should have more sense.

No, Joplin doesn’t have too much crime, especially near the campus, but security should not be taken lightly anywhere. Leaving vehicle doors unlocked leaves not only your valuables unprotected, but it can make the campus more susceptible to theft.

If thieves were to find several cars easily accessible at one time, they might return for visits to find more easily-accessed cars. The easy targets could quickly become popular among thieves, sparking a crime wave.

This makes the DPS officers’ job more difficult.

Students, especially residence hall students, need to help ensure such a crime wave cannot happen.

Lock the doors every time you leave your vehicle, even if you leave just for five minutes.

Take care to not leave valuables in your car, and if you do, make sure they are hidden from outside view.

Taking these simple steps, whether on campus or anywhere else, helps make everyone safer from theft.