New nightclub opens in Joplin

People on the dance floor at Fat Pat´s move to the beat amongst the flashing lights on Feb. 12

People on the dance floor at Fat Pat´s move to the beat amongst the flashing lights on Feb. 12

Students at Missouri Southern now have a new option as to where they can hang out on the weekends.

Fat Pat’s is a new nightclub that opened Feb. 4 and is located at the corner of Sixth Street and Joplin Avenue.

Since its debut, students at Missouri Southern have already embraced the new establishment for its diversity.

“It’s a different scene,” said Adam Skiermont, senior health promotions major.

Jeremiah Durbin, freshman undecided major, said he likes the ownership.

He said he comes in once a week since it has opened and thinks the workers are extremely polite.

Owner Chris Patterson said opening a club was always a dream of his. Patterson said with a great group of supportive people behind him, he was finally able to do so.

Patterson describes his business as a place “for the students by the students”.

Just a recent college graduate himself, Patterson said his staff is young and fresh out of school so they know a lot of the people that come in, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

“I want this to be Missouri Southern’s place to go,” Patterson said.

While not trying to exclusively limit the invitation to the college crowd, Patterson said he welcomes those of all ages to come and enjoy themselves.

Patterson also said college students can take advantage of the fact that Fat Pat’s has the lowest prices of any other club in the area. With over 12,000-square feet of space, Patterson said his club is by far the biggest in Joplin and also offers something that the others in town do not.

“We have two totally different atmospheres,” Patterson said. “You get the best of both worlds.”

The first floor of Fat Pat’s is structured as a club environment for the younger crowd with the lights, the dance floor, and a disc jockey playing hip-hop and other popular culture music. The second floor, however, is designed as a bar environment for the more laid back customers equipped with a pool table and other games, a lounging area accompanied by country music and a television set. Guests are able to go to a different environment without leaving.

“There’s definitely more activity, more to do,” said Nick Golden, junior criminal justice major.

Nicole Bergman, senior nursing major, said “Fat Pat’s” is a refreshing, positive change from all of the other clubs in Joplin, and you don’t have to deal with underage students.

Patterson said while he and his staff like to have a good time, they are professionals.

“I have some of the best doorman security that money can buy,” Patterson said. “We are very well staffed.”

“Fat Pat’s” has a college night every Saturday.

Patterson said in the future he plans to try to open an under-21 establishment by the university.