Rev your engines

Hallie Hocker, Sports Editor

Hallie Hocker, Sports Editor

The low rumble of car psyching out before the race, the roar of the engine revving — No, I’m not talking about drag racing on Range Line, I’m talking about that other sport – NASCAR.

Maybe I’m odd, but how can you not appreciate the sport of racing cars that go more than 200 miles per hour? Tight curves, banked pavement so steep your spit would roll down it and the constant, and once every lap-piercing, hum that accompanies the cars around the track lures many fans to travel out in the heat and the rain to watch their favorite drivers burn rubber for 500 laps without taking a single bathroom break.

Fortunately, for the viewers, such as myself, there are commercial breaks for that quick pit stop in the bathroom, but do you really want to miss out on all the amazing commercials in the middle of NASCAR races?

Sometimes the commercials more entertaining than parts of the race. They definitely make more comical and logical sense than some of the commercials during the Superbowl. Sometimes Superbowl commercials have nothing to do with football, but somehow always have something to do with beer.

I mean, I’d like to have a pit crew come change the tires on my La-Z-Boy.

How sweet would it be to have your Reese’s peanut butter cups “burn chocolate” as they speed away?

The commercials are just the sprinkles to top the cake that is every race in the NexTel series, previously known as the Winston Cup series of races.

I didn’t always enjoy watching people drive around in really fast cars. No, I used to be bitter toward NASCAR. When I was little, my dad used to make me and two of my younger sisters take a nap while he watched the race with my other sister. I was outraged. I’m the oldest, if anyone should get to stay up, it should be me because I’m the oldest!

Dad said only one of us enjoyed watching NASCAR therefore, only one of us got to watch it. Well, to avoid naps in the middle of the afternoon, I learned to enjoy racing.

Probably one of my earlier memories are of my dad watching NASCAR on TV Sunday afternoons. Of course, he never stayed awake to see the whole race. He still grabs the remote, turns on the race, and falls asleep to the hum of the cars speeding around the track.

Unfortunately, some people would argue NASCAR racing is not an actual sport. I beg to differ. It’s a very balanced combination of many sports.

A driver has to have the hand strength of a wrestler, the reflexes of a hockey player to dodge wrecks when you can’t slow down in time to stop, the gelled hair of a soccer player, the large, hot shades of a sand volleyball player, and the bladder stamina of a football player before the end of the half. He or she also has to have a pit crew with a faster time than any 200-meter dash.

Wow, NASCAR drivers are quite unique individuals. Next time the Sunday race is on, don’t flip it. Sit down, do some dozing, eat some Reese’s and admire the skill of these men and women as they weave their way in and out of front positions and wrecks. Pray for their safety and don’t treat your siblings like an under-appreciated pit crew.