Confidence has moved to new levels, independence grows

Jessica MacIntosh - Associate Editor

Jessica MacIntosh – Associate Editor

When we were young, our parents raised us to become independent and successful people.

Along with that, they taught us how to have more self-esteem and self-confidence.

I must say this is something I have worked on for years and now have found both are improving each day at Missouri Southern.

On a BBC Web site, positive self-confidence and self-esteem, which refer to the same concept, lead to “independent, better socially adjusted” lives and becoming “academically successful.”

I am grateful to have parents who have been able to teach me the meaning of these two concepts. Without that, I would not be where I am today. They taught me how I should never give up.

The saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” comes to mind in what my parents have taught me. Thank you.

Not only showing to my parents I have want it takes, I also proved to myself I was able to go the distance to France for four months, where I learned to be more confident in myself and my dreams.

My independence has grown. When I first moved in to the residence halls, it was difficult to separate from my family. Wanting to go home every weekend, my first encounter with not going home for an extended amount of time was spring break 2003 when the International Media Seminar went to Paris for a week.

Overwhelmed and nervous, I thought I should try something new and make it a first — taking my first international flight.

In an article titled “7 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem Quickly” on, the number one way to boost self-esteem is “think back to when you did something new for the first time.”

It is part of the learning process; this is why I was feeling nervous.

When one learns something new, there can also be a “lack of self belief and high stress levels.”

Looking back on what I did, it made me feel stronger than ever. The confidence that was not there before arose to new levels. Throughout the three years at Southern, I did not have a desire to go home every week, and phone calls to home were becoming less.

I knew in my heart I had the courage and strength to move onto bigger and better goals.

Along with that increase in living as an independent person, my self-confidence has grown. Since my return, my speaking and listening skills have improved not only in my foreign language, but also in my everyday speaking with my friends.

Feeling much relaxed, which is another way to boost self-esteem, has helped with my confidence coming back from studying abroad.

I do not feel as tense as I did when I first flew over and had to deal with the different changes. Now, more than ever, I am not as scared of trying new things because of what this experience has taught me.

Thankful for the changes made in my life, I hope this will help in overcoming other obstacles. Everything I learn comes from the heart, and my need for independence is growing evermore.

If there is one thing I am pleased about in my life, I have grown into better person inside and out, and I have my confidence, esteem and independence to thank for that.