Board discusses celebrity speaker for upcoming semester

In its final meeting before Spring Break Blitz, Missouri Southern’s Campus Activities Board met to make final preparations.

They also discussed having a Hollywood celebrity come to campus.

“We need to do something in the fall,” said Julie Blackford, director of student activities.

Blackford said although CAB has hosted a busy semester, there hasn’t been one main event, such as comedian Tammy Pescatelli, who came to Southern last fall.

Melanie Epperson, secretary for student activities, said she has had contact with one celebrity members of CAB are excited about. She does not yet want to release his name. She will have contact with him in June after he is done shooting a movie.

Members of CAB agreed that the proposed celebrity would draw a large crowd, and would most likely be a hit with many Southern students.

“It’s hard since we don’t have a lot of students coming to our meetings,” Blackford said. “We have to guess what they like or not. Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s not. Students really seem to be excited about this one. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot we can do until June.”

CAB also discussed having a debate.

Blackford said debates have been popular with students because both sides of the issue are presented.

“You don’t go to a debate to relax,” Blackford said.

She said a speaker would be more informal, but perhaps less interesting.

CAB also discussed a theme for Finals Madness.

It will likely have a tropical theme. Planned events include laser tag, a rock wall and a DJ. Other events and ideas are still in the planning phase.

Coming up, CAB is having a scary movie night. They are going to show a scary movie and take a trip to the spooklight.

Epperson said the trip students made with ghost hunter John Zaffis last fall was successful. CAB is planning to have Zaffis return to campus next fall with a new presentation. Booking has not yet been completed.

Following last week’s Dollar Burger Day, CAB collected more than $1,600 for Tsunami Relief Fund.

“CAB didn’t really raise that,” Blackford said. “We were the hub where other student organizations could keep it locked up.”

Anyone with ideas or interest in CAB are invited to attend their weekly meetings at 2 p.m. Wednesdays in the Student Activities Office on the second floor of the Billingsly Student Center.