Projects, Suburbs battle in campus water wars

Projects, Suburbs battle in campus water wars

Projects, Suburbs battle in campus water wars

Water has become a weapon on campus.

With only a few of weeks left in the semester and tensions mounting between some athletes, a water war has erupted on the residence halls side of Missouri Southern.

The war is occurring between two sides, “The Projects,” which consist of athletes in the campus apartments and “The Suburbs” which are the athletes in East Hall.

Members of “The Projects” include Jeremie Bond, junior criminal justice major; Quentin Edwards, junior computer forensics major; Jeremy McCadney, junior public relations major; and Keith Wyatt, freshman business major.

“The Suburbs” include Robert Spinks, junior criminal justice major; Floyd Ike, junior criminal justice major; Ricky Hughes freshman marketing major and Matt Nicholson, junior biology major.

What started as trash talking between athletes has turned into a campus battle involving ammunition from water guns to lotion and shaving cream.

Nicholson said the time he was attacked was sudden but fair game, because he would have done the same thing.

“They dragged me out of my work, poured a trash can full of water on me and then sprayed me with multiple water guns,” Nicholson said.

East Hall has been coined “The Suburbs” because it is considered by some, the “good” side of the street.

McCadney said during his attack as he was on his way from class he was soaked down to his underwear, when he was grabbed and surrounded by members of The Suburbs.

“I was heated,” McCadney said. “But I got them back.”

Some students said they believe boredom has driven some students to take any measures possible to enjoy themselves.

“I think there are lack of activities planned for the month,” said Whitney Hornaday, freshman undecided major. “If that’s what they want to do to have fun, why not?”

Though there have not been any injuries with the battles, the members of each side are encouraged to use precautions.

“As long as they keep it out of the buildings and not wet anyone who is not affiliated, I don’t have a problem,” said Deb Gipson, director of housing. “It’s nothing but good fun and a stress releaser.”

With all of the attacks there have been problems with keeping the water out of the buildings at times and attacking innocent bystanders.

While Bonds, the self-proclaimed cheerleader of The Projects, said the purpose of the wars are strictly for fun.

Nicholson said there are ulterior motives.

“It’s about bragging rights,” he said. “It’s about respect. Suburbs for life.”