Student participation sucks

Participation in student government sucks at Missouri Southern. The recent Student Senate “elections” for the second year in a row produced only one candidate for each of the Senate’s four slots.

The Senate is responsible for numerous projects around campus and for allocating funds to various campus organizations.

Its purpose is to help everyone out on campus and do what it can to help improve the University.

It’s not just a résumé builder.

Lack of interest from both senators and the student body hurts Southern as a whole.

It is also insulting, not only to members of Senate who devote their time for the weekly meetings, but also to the faculty members and advisors who stay after hours.

The University is also insulted. Thousands of dollars are put into the Senate’s budget for the year. Without senators present, the campus is misrepresented.

This type of behavior isn’t uncommon at Southern.

The commuter campus has seen a low turnout from students at sporting events and special events for years. The Campus Activities Board, who receives a healthy chunk of students’ $25 activity fee, rarely see more than six students in attendance.

Despite all of this, students still complain about the events at offered at Southern.

Many openly express their dissatisfaction with Senate or CAB for misuse of funds, yet no one seems to want to step up and participate, or even give an idea.

Students should step up and show a little support to their University.

Let’s stop complaining and show our school some support.