Extra Online enrollment ready for student use

Online registration is now available for juniors and seniors to use at their convenience.

Beginning April 11, the Missouri Southern added to modules to the website, course planner and a separate module to register.

“Students have been using Lion link for years now, so this process of registering should not be difficult to use,” said Steve Earney assistant vice president for information services/computer information.

Earney said advisors will still be in the loop of things but they will have to release themselves so the juniors and seniors can enroll online.

“The University still wants the advisors to be involved with their advisees so upcoming graduates will not lack necessary credits for graduation,” Earney said.

Earney said the University wants students to know it is available for them to use.

Registrar, Sandy Gieson said for now the University will only allow juniors and seniors to register because it is a new system and the administrators want to see how everything works first.

Gieson said the system will become available to sophomore students in the future.

“To register, the student will need to speak with their advisor, the advisor will then enter a code that will allow the student to register online,” Gieson said.

Gieson said if the student does not speak with their advisor first they will not have access to the registration.

“Also the students will have to have a MOSO ID number and password to register but will not need it to view the course planner,” she said.

Gieson said the registration is a regular registration schedule according to the number of hours the student has earned.

The online registration was a joint effort put together by the academic office and the information technology department.

Geison said University President, Julio León asked the University to use a method for students to register themselves online.

“We are trying to make it easier for students and distant students,” she said. “They can contact their advisor over the phone and then register.”

Geison said having this new system will allow students to have more control over their schedule.

She said the responses she has received from students have been positive but it is hard to tell how it is going because it has just started.

Cemma Johnson, junior public relations major said that she will never use the online registration system because she does not feel that she will be enrolled in the classes she needs.

“I have heard of the online registration process and I think it is a good idea, but just not for me,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the only way she will use it is if she is forced to do so.

Other students look forward to using the system.

Lee Drish, freshman undecided major said when he becomes eligible to use the online registration process he will take advantage of it.

“I think it is a great idea for students who live off campus and it gives you more control over your classes,” Drish said.

Students can access online registration via the Southern website by clicking on the Lion link icon.

“It is very user friendly,” Gieson said.