Editor sends farewell to The Chart, recalls memories of Southern

David Haut - Managing Editor

David Haut – Managing Editor

Well, I guess this is it. After five semesters on The Chart, I’ve finally finished my last issue at Missouri Southern.

Now, I’m moving on. I’m moving out of my parents’ house (I know, I’m 21 years old, but I liked living with my parents), getting married and getting a real job.

But, I have to admit; I’m a bit sad leaving the paper. These last couple of years has been really fun.

I’m hoping in the coming years, The Chart gains the student support it once had. When I first joined the staff, The Chart had 12 editors and 12 staff writers and four photographers. Now, we have 10 editors and six staff writers. Two of our editors serve as our only photographers.

The Chart is a quality publication that has recently won back-to-back Best in State titles by professional journalists around Missouri. I consider the award prestigious, considering Columbia is home to one of the top journalism schools in the nation.

Since I’ve been on staff for the newspaper, I’ve constantly heard people giving it their criticisms or suggestions. Some people want to see more news, some people want the paper to branch out and be controversial and some want it to tone down and have less news, making it appeal to the students and their lives.

The fact is The Chart is understaffed. There aren’t enough people to cover all the events, write about all the hard-hitting issues and cover everything everyone thinks we should.

I applaud the efforts of people who have tried writing on the paper for an entire semester. Many don’t like it, but they stick it through. That’s admirable.

I encourage anyone who is interested in writing to give The Chart a try. It’s great experience, and who knows, you may like it. I did.

My time here will be unforgettable. We’ve had some great times up in this office on late Wednesday nights. You may want to know what they are, but you’ll have to join for yourself to see what I’m talking about.

I have to say thanks to the University. Dr. Stebbins, thanks for sending me all over the world. Anyone who hasn’t traveled with Southern should definitely look into it.

Thanks to the faculty, especially in the communications department. Dr. Moorman, Dr. Yocum, Dr. Merriam, your classes’ insight was great.

Larson, thanks for teaching me I don’t have to go to grad school. I’m still waiting for my rubber band ball.

Mr. Bryant, I’m going to miss those overheads.

To The Chart people, it’s been real. Teej, New York was fun, even though we never went to the Bazoom Room. Nate, I don’t know what to say. Jessica, keep Nate away from the banjo. Adam, eat some vegetables. Andy, will I ever see you again? Hallie and Noelle, you two have to make sure the office is interesting when I leave. Randall, good luck in the future. Greg, good luck in grad school. J.R., thanks for all the awesome quotes.

Randy mon, we need to play racquetball soon. Monique, can Randy play racquetball?

Missy, thanks for introducing me to Emily. Emily, I’m done. I’m all yours now.

Most of all, I want to thank my parents, for their continued support in everything I’ve done and am continuing to do. I love you guys.

Thanks everybody.