UA honors Southern faculty member

Darren Fullerton - Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness

Darren Fullerton – Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness

One faculty member’s service is not going unappreciated.

Darren Fullerton, director of campus recreation and wellness at Missouri Southern, was recently honored at a conference in Orlando with the University of Arkansas Alumni Service Award.

Fullerton received the award for his services with the University of Arkansas for intramural sports programs, recreations, working with graduate students and student services.

Fullerton is an alum of both Southern and UA.

He said the award is significant to him because it is an honor to be recognized by his Alma mater and employer for six years for the work he did at UA.

“This is an award for my services and not just because of my title,” Fullerton said. “This award makes me feel like my job is getting done.”

The staff of the recreation program at UA nominated Fullerton for his service.

“I am in the department of student services and to have an impact on students outside of the classroom means a lot to me and my job,” Fullerton said. “The best honor to me is being here for the students and to make it best for them to have fun outside of class.”

Fullerton has been employed at Southern for five and a half years, and, in the last year, he has been trying to get a new recreational center on campus.

“He has done very well in both intramural and student services in the past years at Southern,” said Josh Doak, resident director for Blaine Hall. “I think he is doing a good job trying to get a recreational center on campus.”

Adam Griffin, resident director for East Hall, said Fullerton is doing a great job at improving Southern’s recreational facilities.

“I think that it’s great that the University of Arkansas is recognizing him for his services,” Griffin said.

“He had a lot more to work with, and bigger facilities due to the size of the student body.”