Lions feel kick from CMSU Jennies

J.T. Taylor, freshman left fielder, dodges a CMSU player to avoid getting tagged out. The Lions lost both games to the Jennies and won their second game against PSU.

J.T. Taylor, freshman left fielder, dodges a CMSU player to avoid getting tagged out. The Lions lost both games to the Jennies and won their second game against PSU.

Whether it’s comics, food or softball, rivals are always easy to identify, especially when they face off on the field.

On April 12, the Lions exchanged blows with Pittsburg State University. The first game started around 5 p.m. with 75 people in attendance.

The first inning looked promising for the Lions, as they were able to get three players on base; however, none were able to complete the run home.

In the bottom of the first, when the Gorillas stepped up to the plate, the ballgame quickly turned in their favor.

By the time Southern had achieved three outs against PSU, the Gorillas had already scored three runs, two of which were unearned.

The Lions attempted a comeback, but were unable to reach this goal for the first game.

In the third inning, Ashton Turner, freshman third baseman, was walked to first base and would be the first to score for the Lions.

After Mary Barrow, senior catcher, popped out to shortstop, Rachael Bowen, sophomore first baseman, singled the ball to center field.

Bowen would be the only other Southern player to score a run for the Lions.

The rest of the game would be uneventful as far as scoring went.

After the third inning, neither team had any hits or runs.

The game ended in the Gorilla’s favor with a score of 3-2.

For the second game, the Lions would bring on the heat and make a comeback against PSU.

The game started off well for Southern when, in the first inning, Turner whacked the ball out into the center field for the game’s first homer.

Next up to bat was senior Alese Woolard. Southern’s shortstop took control of the pitch and sent it back as she doubled to the left center.

Southern had one run for the first inning and Woolard was left on base.

However, in the fourth inning, Woolard was finally able to touch home plate after she once again doubled to left center.

The Lions’ big inning came in the top of the sixth when they took advantage of the Gorilla’s errors.

Even though Southern had technically only two hits, they were able to achieve five runs for the inning and had three players left on base.

“When they [PSU] make mistakes, you have to score runs,” said head softball coach Jennifer Jimerson.

In the bottom of the seventh, PSU almost had a rally, but the game finished with a winning score for Southern of 8-5.

“I think our younger kids are stepping up and making big plays,” Jimerson said. “I think that’s what we saw yesterday. Ashley Turner made a big home run for us and she’s a freshman.”

Southern also competed against Central Missouri State University on April 9 in back-to-back games.

Although the Lions improved for the second game, they lost both games to the Jennies.

The first game ended with a score of 5-0 and the second game finished with a score of 1-0.

“One of our main concern is we’ve been giving the other teams easy-outs,” Jimerson said. “That’s going to be a continuing focus of ours.”

The Lions will compete next on Friday and Saturday at the Pittsburg State Classic.

Southern will start off the classic competing against Southwest Baptist University.

The game will start at 10 a.m.

Southern is currently ranked 20-22 for total games and has a MIAA conference record of 6-6.