Funny Thing About Life…

David Haut - Managing Editor

David Haut – Managing Editor

There comes a time in every man’s life where he says to himself, “I need a knife that can cut a pineapple in half in mid air.”

For me, that day has come.

I made the decision to purchase the Miracle Blade III while registering for wedding gifts with my fiancée.

I was so convinced we needed these knives now we had to buy them on the spot rather than wait a matter of weeks to get them as a wedding gift.

I first heard about the Miracle Blade III last summer when I fell asleep in front of the T.V. I awoke to world-renowned chef, Chef Tony. Personally, I’ve never heard of Chef Tony, and I don’t know who in the world-renowned him.

Chef Tony was offering unknown happiness, solutions to all of life’s problems and unimaginable knowledge in the form of a ginsu knife, (plus a ton of free gifts.)

I watched as Chef Tony performed a number of incredible feats with his Miracle Blade III slicer. He cut stuff, sliced stuff, chopped and julienned stuff. His knife cut through every soft fruit and vegetable you could imagine.

But, Chef Tony was offering more than just his incredible slicer. He kept pulling different knives out from under the counter one by one, turning whole fruit into tiny sliced cubes. Plus, as a free gift, he was offering a set of steak knives, free.

This is more than $200 value, for only two easy payments of $19.99.

I was amazed. From then on, I was assured, by the honest word of a renowned chef like Chef Tony, that my life wouldn’t be complete until I purchased these knives.

Now that I own them, I must say, nothing has changed.

I’m still satisfied with my purchase. These knives are sharp. They can cut into a finger with little to no effort. I’m told not all knives can do that.

I made salsa with my knives.

I started with the tomato. I held my knife, blade up, and dropped the tomato onto it.

Just like Chef Tony said, it cut right in half. I am still skeptical about the lifetime guarantee, but Chef Tony kept his word thus far.