More social opportunity

Blaine Hall Fall 2005 Maximum Capacity

Blaine Hall Fall 2005 “Maximum Capacity”

Now, with the residence halls full and activity rising on campus, students should not disregard the possibilities involving student life.

There may be more people here, but the trend in activity may not continue its rapid climb. Though it’s not required, becoming familiar with student organizations is a great way to meet people and develop one’s academic career.

Getting involved in organizations, especially those targeted toward your major, enables you to not only gain experience, but build a sufficient resume once you graduate.

It’s not a coincidence these organizations sometimes center around a certain major. Organizations want students who are willing to do their share for the community as well

as learn along the way.

In fact, this should be an opportunity to make new acquaintances. The more connections a student makes, the greater the support system in time of need.

Students that open their minds and try new things have a greater chance of being successful not only in college, but in life also.

An important aspect of the enrollment increase is it gives Southern a chance to be seen as a progressive university.

Campus is bustling with activity and more students, so all should embrace this opportunity to become involved and more civic in our duties.

It has been years since student housing has been filled and in order to keep it that way, students need to show enthusiasm to appeal to others. Lead by example and get involved.