Activities on campus, in town abound for students

Hallie Hocker - Staff Writer

Hallie Hocker – Staff Writer

The question has been raised and needless to say, The Chart has been answering it all along. What do most Southern students do for fun?

Diversions–for those of you who don’t normally read the paper, has originally been all about arts and entertainment. With the fresh wit of humor columns, the critical entertainment reviews and the inviting previews of events on campus, Diversions is pretty, well…diverse.

I hope we will give you some ideas and spark your interest with some of the events going on around campus.

By the way, the campus calendar is now on page 2.

To the gigantic class of incoming freshman, I challenge you to get involved in campus activities, especially if you live in the dorms.

Intramurals go all year round, and if you don’t like playing it’s definitely fun to see your friends at their best cruising down the court or the falling on the field.

No, really, there are some pretty good teams out there. Who knows maybe you and your buddies are the next stars of the intramural champions hall of fame?

Actually I’m pretty excited about whiffleball this year. I definitely played whiffle ball inside with my comrades at camp this summer. It was a highlight, so join the ranks.

However, for those of you not wanting to hear my ex-sports editor ramble, please note that Southern’s music program has grown immensely in size.

Bring on the marching band!

Come to the football and basketball games and you’ll see them in action as well. Heck, you might as well join the band and watch the game for free while you play!

On a different note, you can also audition for a theatre production. There are plenty of campus ministries to join and campus recreation programs to get involved with. The point is, if you join an on campus organization, you’ll meet new people, have the chance to travel with the organization (domestic and abroad) and also have the chance to make an impact on campus.

Interested? Check the Campus Activities Board office in Billingsly Student Center next to the Lion’s Den.

However, while it’s nice outside, you may want to take advantage of the weather and play folf (disc golfing) behind the dorms at Southern’s own Southern Breeze (9 hole course) or play at McClelland park (18 hole course with more trees).

I actually folfed the front nine Tuesday night and it was wonderful outside, good folfing weather.

In the mean time, divert your eyes to the Diversions page for previews and reviews of upcoming events and entertainment news.