J-Mac’s Corner…

Jessica MacIntosh - Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh – Editor-in-Chief

Every year, Missouri Southern makes week-long, exciting plans for Homecoming, and every year the week before the festivities, it becomes a full-out competition over the Homecoming king and queen.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Homecoming week, but the one thing that gets me every year is how the amount of posters has tripled on the campus. And let me tell you this year I felt it was the worst.

It was great at the beginning of last week when there were only a few posters of two or three sets of the candidates running, but by the end of the week, the posters had a mind of their own.

It’s like they were reproducing like rabbits. You might as well have thought of it as Babs and Buster Bunny joining together and having children. It’s no longer rabbit season or duck season — it’s poster season. This now means we need to have signs up declaring such a season exists and have a rabbit and a duck arguing over it. Let’s put in a call to Elmer Fudd for help. I am sure Six Flags St. Louis will let us borrow him for the week.

Second of all, I do not mind fliers and posters on the walls, but there is a reason why there are bulletin boards in each of the buildings. They are supposed to be used to hang up information for students, supposed to being the operative words. If people would throw away any out-of-date information, maybe the Homecoming posters could go on the boards instead of on the walls. Also, it’s bad enough the posters cannot stick to the walls. Not only could that be considered a fire hazard for all those posters on the floor, but also it just goes to show you the walls are so dirty you would have to use the bulletin boards.

Speaking of the walls, it’s OK to show wall in the buildings. You have to tackle through the posters in order to see through to the walls. If I were Superman, I would have problems peering through them. I think after seeing so many posters, I have officially become visually impaired. The number of students becoming involved with Homecoming is booming, and I think that’s great everyone is becoming involved.

But, I just think the Homecoming elections are going a little overboard. Do a little campaigning, but don’t scare people off. It seems the Homecoming roach has infested this campus and bitten everyone it could possibly get to.

A few posters here and there are fine, but is it really necessary to waste so much poster board and paper just to prove you may be better than someone else? I do not think so.