Senate learns rules, procedure

Senators were briefed on parliamentary procedure during the third meeting of Student Senate Sept. 28.

Sophomore senator and parliamentarian Hector Amaya, briefed the senators on the way they should go about making motions and discussing ideas.

“All motions must pertain to the subject at hand,” Amaya said.

Amaya said the by-laws limit the discussion and debate of a motion to 20 minutes. His speech was geared toward helping senators ease through the process.

“This year we are going to enforce the rules,” he said. “I’m not going to be hard on anyone. Don’t be afraid to jump out there.”

Senate president Eric Norris said the rules are important, but the officers understand everyone is not familiar with all rules.

In opening discussions, Garrison Earnest, Senate treasurer, reported the Senate’s budget was at $12,367.

“That is not much money,” Earnest said. “Be wise of what we have.”

Earnest said the smaller budget will limit what Senate can do during the semester.

“We can work around it,” he said. “We’ll just have to tighten up our policies.”

The Senate also discussed hurricane relief efforts.

A Hurricane Relief Committee was formed last week, and freshman senator John Carr chairs the committee.

The committee decided to not only donate money from the Senate, but raise money during the Homecoming game.

The Senate will match up to $1,000 raised during an unspecified time.

The money will go to the Bush-Clinton organization, which is working in the effected areas.

Senators will be working at the doors during the beginning and the end of the Homecoming game. They will be holding cans and asking fans to donate.

“Hopefully, with everyone at the game and with past experiences, we’ll raise more than $1,000,” Carr said.

The Senate also passed one appropriation during the meeting. The International Reading Association of Missouri Southern received $728 for a convention in the Lake of the Ozarks.

The Senate also passed a proclamation declaring the first week of October “Mental Illness Awareness Week.”

The week will be in support of the different activities in the psychology department and from the National Association of Mental Illness Missouri Southern Chapter.

Four senators were also added to the Senate roster.

Seniors Jenna Edwards, Rebekah Burchfield and Jackie Harris were appointed by vote to the Senate.

Junior Merrill Soundararajan was also voted to the Senate.

“They are nice people and their personalities will add to the Senate,” said Jason Hare, senior senator.

The meeting ended after 45 minutes.

“It went really well,” said Kristen Duwe, Senate secretary. “It’s nice to see so many people in the seats. It seems like everyone is getting out there and representing Senate.”