In Regard to Eric Norris’ Opinion Letter

Please consider this article for publishing in the next issue of The Chart. Thanks. -Matt

“No Construction Without Representation”Submitted by Matt McClearySenior Accounting Major

Student Senate President Eric Norris had many things to say in the September 9th edition of The Chart, but the Student Senate leader was not speaking on behalf of the students.

Mr. Norris was quoted in the September 9th edition of the Chart as stating the lack of participation in the Student Senate was students’ lack of time. Several pages over, he pushes for completion of a new recreation center. The same proposal the Board of Governors said would tack on $115 each semester for every student due to the lack of state funding. PSU already has lower costs than MSSU, and PSU students also work around the athletic teams and classes for access to the recreational centers.

Furthermore, Mr. Norris, if the Senate’s woes-not to mention Gang Green-are lack of students’ free time, how would a new center create recreation time? MSSU is an expanding university, it is not Worlds of Fun. I think I can speak for most students when I say I would rather see graduate programs, more classes and more professors than a new recreational facility.

If the new center means another student fee, put the proposal to a student vote accessible to all students. Survey the entire campus to know where the proposal stands.

A new recreational center would be a great addition to the campus. But if we are to compare with PSU, the solution is not to widen the tuition gap between MSSU and other campuses with new fees. This is especially true when most commuters would not see the benefit of paying the $115. If funds cannot be obtained through grants or fundraising, it’s time the Senate, and the student body for that matter, entertain other ideas.


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