Facebook needs regulation

Facebook needs regulation

Dwayne C. Mactavious

Facebook needs regulation

Even though students at Southern see each other almost everyday, whether it is during class or meal breaks, there is something about finding each other online that makes them feel even more connected.

The library and computer labs are appearing more crowded these days. In between classes or during free hours, students are looking to see if they have been “poked” or added to anyone’s friend list.

Facebook.com has just given college students a new way to communicate with their peers. Not only can they share pictures and their profiles online, but the community allows students to get in touch with people from their high schools who they may have not seen in years.

This online community is not only an addictive source of entertainment for some, but it can also be a deterrent from studies.

Checking a page once or even twice throughout the day is understandable, but students should not exhaust its purpose. People should also post notes with caution. Activities are still being reviewed and it is possible to incriminate self even if something is said as a joke.

Studies still come first and students should not become so obsessed to the point where they become sidetracked. Furthermore getting out of hand hand putting themselves at risk for saying things they should not.

It is good to meet new people or further connect with associates students already have, but every once in a while giving others space may be in order.

Students do not want to miss out on life because they are glued to the computer.