ADA tables not just for show

ADA tables not just for show

Dwayne Mactavious

ADA tables not just for show

While it is not always obvious, students sometimes make trouble for those with physical disabilities.

This occurs when students move the tables and chairs designed for those who need them, leaving them in places impossible for these students to reach or use at all.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was designed to help individuals with disabilities from being left behind in inconvenient situations. It is the efforts of this University to obey this standard and help those in need.

However, some students, and yes, faculty members may have forgotten this important goal in education – to make things fair for everyone.

The chairs and tables labeled in red with, “ADA desk. Do Not Move,” written on them seem to somehow find their way to the front, side and sometimes middle of the room.

It is never acceptable to move these desks, let alone use them for one’s own personal use such as storage for tests and papers.

Tampering with them shows lack of respect for those who need them.

Remember to always return chairs and tables to their proper place once they are moved.

Not only is it common courtesy, but it keeps others from being seriously inconvenienced by the lack of proper seating arrangements.

It does not leave the best feeling when others have blatant disregard for other’s needs.

Those with disabilities have the same rights as others. Students and faculty should respect the rights of everyone who attends the University.