Senate votes to give funds to K-Club, Model U.N.

Garrison Earnest - Student Senate Treasure

Garrison Earnest – Student Senate Treasure

Using up almost the full 20-minute debate time, Student Senate discussed the legitimacy of an allocation to the Model United Nations.

Model United Nations requested a full $1,000 allocation, but the Finance Committee recommended $600.

Senior international studies major Caleb Gallemore represented the group.

“I’d like to say Model U.N. was the beginning of Missouri Southern’s international mission before there was an international mission,” he said.

Sophomore senator John Conrace was the Senate representative on the floor.

He asked for clarification from the Finance Committee.

Garrison Earnest, Senate treasurer, said the lower amount was due to a lack of fundraising on the part of the club. He also said the club had other sources of money which it was using.

“We help those who help themselves,” Earnest said.

The Senate then discussed the possibilities of giving the organization more, but the members decided to vote on the $600 allocation.

It passed.

The organization will use the money to fly to Chicago for the national Model United Nations meeting where the members will represent Nigeria.

“I’m not saying I’m angry about the money; it’s more than we have now,” Conrace said. “I’m happy to get it.”

Another organization to receive funds was the Kinesiology Club.

The organization received $1,000 to go to the Missouri Convention for Physical Education at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Twenty members of the organization will go. The money received will go toward lodging.

“They are paying so much out of pocket,” Earnest said.

The organization is the first group to receive the full $1,000 allocation allowed this semester.

The Senate also discussed the possibility of holding a Casino Night in the Lion’s Den.

“If you’re prepared to put forth the effort, then go for it,” said Eric Norris, Senate president.

The Casino Night would be a student-oriented event allowing for students to gamble with play money to win donated prizes. It would be held either in the Lion’s Den or the Student Life Center. Senators will use a day before the night to go out to the community and get donations.

“It’s to be in the community and provide something fun for the students,” said Kristen Duwe, Senate secretary.

The meeting came to a close after a representative from Kappa Sigma came before the floor.

The representative asked only for a few minutes of the senators’ time to gauge the possibility of opening a chapter of the fraternity on campus.

Afterward, the Senate motioned to adjourn after a 50-minute session.

The officers were happy with the debates during the meeting.

“The debates are good because everyone has a different view in how the money should be spent,” Earnest said. “It’s good that people get out and speak their mind. They don’t just give money because the Finance Committee says so.”

Norris agreed, noting his plans for the semester.

“We’ve been frugal with our budget,” he said. “We’re not just a cash-register Senate where you pull the arm and money comes out.”

He said he is proud of the senators’ work.

“That’s what the process is for,” he said. “Everybody at this table is talking. We’re getting committee reports. I wanted to do things in an educated manner and I think in the first two months, we’re doing just that.”

The following senators were absent from the meeting, Oct. 19:

Monique Canada, Divine Aquino, Rebekah Burchfield and Jackie Harris. Adam Hancock lost his position after three absences.

Out of the five open positions, four were filled during the meeting. Two positions remain open.