J-Mac’s Corner

Jessica MacIntosh - Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh – Editor-in-Chief

It’s nearing the end of the year 2005 and only three major holidays remain -Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These special days involve family get-togethers, music and just all-around fun. But, there is something that bugs me more than the mere celebrating with the family.

I can’t stand walking into department and general stores to find decorations and other goodies up early for any holiday. I don’t understand why stores do that.

For example, I have noticed some stores start setting up for Halloween at the end of July. Who would want to buy Halloween candy at the end of July and keep it until the actual date children go trick-or-treating? That is disgusting. We might as well celebrate the holiday in July instead of on Oct. 31.

In other stores, sales representatives are already starting to set up for Christmas. Artificial trees and garland deck the display floors, waiting for those eager to spend loads of money on decorations. And what makes it so much better is stores starting putting all of the decorations up in July. It’s literally Christmas in July.

Before long, we will be celebrating Christmas all year long ahead. On a positive note, shoppers can start their shopping early and beat the Christmas shopping rush.

When I studied in France, the people began decorating for the Christmas holiday Nov. 1, which is All Saints Day. At first, I thought our holiday setting up was early until I watched the French decorate the streets. For us, I think after Thanksgiving is cutting it close, but at the same time six or seven months early is ridiculous.

As far as Thanksgiving is concerned, plenty of stores do not really put decorations or sale items out. The grocery stores do, though, as they stock the shelves with the necessary food supplies for the biggest meal of the year. But, if you really look at it a different way, I have heard of people fighting over turkeys in the stores when Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If the grocery stores set the food out early, buy it as soon as they put it out, don’t wait until the last minute.

I understand if they want to put out holiday items early for the sake of the customer convenience, but sometimes I think when things are out too early, the stores are jumping the gun. If July is the “bring-in-the-holiday-decorations month,” then let’s celebrate the holidays then. I would like to keep the holidays at their respective dates, and not have stores jumping the gun.

There is a time and a place to start setting up. It’s not six months in advance. By starting so early, people are going to become tired of it.