Event teaches consequences of drinking, driving

On Saturday, Missouri Southern will host a Shattered Dreams demonstration.

It will be held in the large parking lot south of the football stadium at 10 a.m.

Shattered Dreams, formerly known as Every 15 Minutes, is a program designed to show the consequences of drinking and driving. It is a mock car accident that could be caused by a drunk driver.

“It allows people to learn a lesson that they will not soon forget. It’s an opportunity to live through a fatal Driving Under the Influence collision,” said Laszlo Laky, public safety education coordinator for Sitton Motor Lines. “Part of our sole mission is to educate the public about sharing the road with other vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, etc. We instruct kindergarten through college-aged youth about safety around trucks, rail crossings and about DUI prevention.”

This program was started by The Bexar County DWI Task Force Advisory Board on Underage Drinking in 1998. It was an expansion of the Every 15 Minute program that came from Chico, California. More than 200 high schools and colleges have now used this program in order to demonstrate the potential consequences of drinking and driving to their students and family members.

“We encourage the students to bring their siblings, parents and all other young drivers,” Laky said. “This allows kids and parents to come together and learn a lesson they won’t soon forget.”

This is the first Shattered Dreams demonstration to be held at Southern. In order to set up a Shattered Dreams demonstration, normally it would take around six months to prepare for. This specific one, with the help of Southern’s sororities and fraternities, however, has taken about 12 weeks to set up.

There are nearly 30 to 35 volunteers working with the organizations in order to make this demonstration successful. Local police departments, fire and ambulance workers and medics are helping with Shattered Dreams.

Some of the volunteers have never participated, but they are willing to.

“I’ve never been part of this before, but we had one at our high school,” said Benjamin Crowe, sophomore undecided major.

Others are helping with their organization.

“I am the president of Alpha Sigma Alpha, and I thought it would be good to show the Greeks that we are against drunk driving,” said Teresa Roebrough, senior psychology major. “This is for prevention, to make people think before they drink and drive.”

Crowe agrees.

“I figured it would be good for people to see this and they needed people to volunteer, so I did,” Crowe said.

This program has been a successful reminder to students from other area schools about the consequences of drinking and driving. Everyone is welcome to attend and are encouraged to bring their friends and families.

For more information on Shattered Dreams go to www.stiprc.org.

“I’d like to see at least 80 percent of the student body attend,” Laky said. “A lot of commitment and hard work has been involved in order to make this happen.”