New fraternity makes way onto campus

Nathan Beasley, freshman sociology major, demonstrates how to golf with a wiffle ball for a Kappa Sigma member drive Nov. 16.

Nathan Beasley, freshman sociology major, demonstrates how to golf with a wiffle ball for a Kappa Sigma member drive Nov. 16.

More brothers are moving onto campus.

Missouri Southern anticipates a new fraternity to its campus.

“Kappa Sigma is a fraternity that pushes scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service,” said Brendan O’Connor, a area three-recruitment manager for Kappa Sigma. “The days of animal house mantling are over. Now we are helping frame our college experience.”

The new fraternity said they have opportunities for the male students on campus.

“We have a lot to offer,” O’Connor said. “There are over a quarter million dollars in scholarships eligible each year ranging from $50 to over $500, net working, job opportunities, a great group of people, and community service. Also, there are 200,010 chapters in the United States and Canada, and 267 in just the United States, so you get to meet new people.”

There is a process that one has to go trough in order to start a new organization and fraternity on campus.

“There is a long drawn-out process,” said Tori Maloukis, director of student activities. “First, they had to go trough Campus Activity Board to get permission to start a new organization.”

After the organization applies to CAB, the process continues with the fraternity.

“The process consists of checking grades to see if everyone has at least a 2.0 grade point average,” Maloukis said. “Then, they have to go through the national process to attempt chartering and gathering the number of guys needed.”

“There are many stages you have to reach before you can be considered as a fraternity,” O’Connor said. “Right now, the guys are in what you would call the interest group stage. They have to reach a minimum of 25 guys who are interested in joining and right now we are at 17 and I hope to have 25 before Thanksgiving.”

Once the students are gathered, the organization has enough to work at a national level.

“The next stage is the Colonial Chapter where they have just enough to get started and become a Kappa Sigma Fraternity,” O’Connor said. “The last step is the development programs where they start to recruit, philanthropy, and have an election.”

He said it takes a semester or two to complete the process but said it is worth it.

The fraternity members also need to raise at least $25 per man each year to give to a charity of their choice and have at least 25 hours of community service per man each year.

For more information contact Brendan O’Connor at (317) 997-2070 or e-mail [email protected].