Mansion to receive several renovations

The Mission Hill Mansion on the southwest corner of campus will be remodeled to make it more structurally sound.

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The Mission Hill Mansion on the southwest corner of campus will be remodeled to make it more structurally sound.

Home makeovers are not just for families on television.

The Mission Hills Mansion on campus will be remodeled after the Board of Governors passed the motion to go ahead with the project on Oct. 21.

When the Mansion is completed, it will contain the Alumni offices.

“What I see this is, is as the centerpiece on campus,” said Lee Pound, Alumni director.

She said the building will become the home of the alumni.

“It’s their home,” Pound said. “It reinforces their history, which I think is so important.”

She said the building is the oldest on campus and stands out as such.

“Just understand what Missouri Southern’s heritage is,” Pound said.

Bob Harrington, director of the physical plant, said the project will begin with the renovating of the outside of the building.

“When we do start with the outside, we will remove everything,” he said.

The stucco on the building will be replaced and the tiles on the roof will be taken off. The tiles will be put aside while the bracing underneath is replaced.

However, the outside appearance of the structure will not change.

“It’ll look exactly the same when it’s done, but it will be water tight,” Harrington said.

He said the windows will be replaced with more energy efficient versions of the same type.

“The goal is to restore the Mansion as much as possible to its original beauty,” said Dr. Terri Agee, vice president for business affairs.

On the inside, several archways will be reopened after they had been closed to make the rooms into offices during the 1960s.

Also, the fluorescent lights will be taken out and replaced with the original wall lights with candelabra-type bulbs.

Harrington said there was no fear of lead paint because the paint which is in the building can be coated over in order to encapsulate the lead which may be in there.

The renovations, however, will move along with the money, which comes into the Alumni office.

The Alumni office is currently raising funds for the operations through the sale of the “Favorite Recipes” cookbook and several other items such as a Southern Cooks apron, spirit flags and bricks which will be incorporated into the building.

Part of the bricks will go into a new patio which will be placed on the east side of the building just outside of what is known as the fountain room.

“I think it will become a central focus point on campus,” Harrington said.

Agee and Pound said the patio will become a place for cookouts and barbecues.

Adorning the new patio will be a bell, which athletes can ring before a game or for a special event.

“It’s going to bring a new tradition to campus,” Pound said.

The timeframe for the project is not set, but the goal is to get the renovations done as soon as possible.

“The Board was very excited about this project,” Agee said. “It’s been in the works as long as I can remember.”