CAB discusses bringing adult film star to campus debates

Debates were much in debate at the Campus Activities Board meeting Nov. 16.

The Board had discussed having a debate on campus for spring semester but the problem was over what could be debated.

Some ideas were said to be too controversial such as gay marriage, because the Board wouldn’t want anyone to be angry at what was said at the event.

One topic that did intrigue the Board was a debate about pornography, which was one of the topics on a survey that Graham Dickinson, CAB vice president, had several students fill out last week. Dickinson said pornography was one of the lesser-chosen topics. But the fact that Ron Jeremy, former adult film star, would be one of the speakers was not on the survey, because it was not known that he was available yet.

With Jeremy as a speaker, some Board officers thought more students would show up and probably have a better time than at any other topic available.

With only two meetings left in the semester, the Board discussed other events that would fill in between spring semester’s bigger, already-scheduled events.

Terry Levy brought up a step show for Martin Luther King Jr. week. Then the board discussed whether the show would be a Missouri Southern student club competition, or if it would bring in another step show to perform.

Also brought up was the Board’s booking of Brian Brushwood, magician, for Jan. 31. Brushwood will put on a show that will last over two hours. The first half of the show will be magic and mind reading tricks, then the second half he will come back and explain how he did the tricks.

The Board also discussed upcoming events like movie night on Dec. 1, when students will be able to watch a movie at a local theater for only a $1. The tickets will be available up to a week before the event between the hours of

9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The Board also considered the stress reliever before finals week. There will possibly be relaxing massages, hot chocolate and smores available. But, the Board is not sure what all will be available that week. The event will be the Tuesday or Wednesday before finals start.

The Board is also having a drive-by raking on Sunday, and CAB president Candice Dickinson told the members to bring as many friends as possible to help.