Suspect found urinating on sidewalk by East Hall

Drug Law Violation


12:03 p.m.

An anonymous caller advised the Department of Public Safety about a person smoking marijuana in the back of a vehicle. A DPS officer was dispatched to the area. Upon arrival at the vehicle, the officer smelled marijuana smoke and observed a male suspect lying in the back. The officer also found a half-smoked marijuana cigarette.



11:00 a.m.

A DPS officer was contacted in reference to an assault on a student. The student had been eating in the Student Life Center when another person came into the cafeteria and hit him. The student told the officer the person had previously borrowed money from the student and was upset. The student called the Joplin Police Department and filed a formal complaint.

Suspicious Activities


2:45 a.m.

A DPS officer was patrolling the campus when the officer observed a male suspect urinating on the front right sidewalk of East Hall. The officer approached the suspect and asked for a name. The suspect gave a false name and the officer then asked for identification. The officer asked why the suspect had been urinating on the sidewalk, but the suspect gave no answer.



8:14 p.m.

DPS was contacted in reference to possible marijuana use outside of the residence halls. The officer checked into the incident after investigating a priority fire alarm. A staff assistant said she had seen the suspects, but did not know their names.