Officers discuss responsibilities, reorganization

Reorganization was the main topic of the Nov. 2 Campus Activities Board officers meeting.

CAB met on the third floor of the Billingsly Student Center as opposed to its normal student activities office meeting because it wants to have more professional meetings.

CAB president Candice Dickinson said it was great to hear comments from so many Board members, but the meetings were becoming chaotic.

“Even during brainstorming sessions, everyone is talking over everyone else and sometimes there are like three or four conversations going on,” Dickinson said. “And it’s hard to get anything done that way.”

The Board also discussed ways of delegating responsibilities.

“The same people are doing all of the work,” said Terry Levy, CAB treasurer.

During one recent event, a community service project had 15 persons sign up to help and only five showed up, four of which were officers.

It discussed whether or not breaking members up into separate committees would help the spread of responsibilities.

Then it discussed how the committees would be separated, who would head each committee and what upcoming responsibilities should be worked on.

The board also discussed spring semester events and how each separate committee would assume responsibilities for the events.

The overall idea ended up being one committee would advertise the event, one would set up the event, one would run the event and the other would clean up afterward.

Yet, no real responsibilities or commitments have been made.

Also discussed at the meeting was the success of the recent events.

The Murder Mystery Theater night, which had only been planned for 100 attendants, ended up with 110 dinner guests.

The Board is backing off a little in November with events because there were so many in October and students are more worried about homework this late in the semester.

But the Board is still planning on having its drive-by raking, where members would drive around and rake people’s yards for free, soon and a movie night this month, yet no dates have been scheduled yet.

The board also plans on helping out Student Senate with its upcoming Casino Night.

Another big topic on the Board members’ minds was attendance at events and the size of the Board.

Levy said that the Board needed to focus on recruiting and retaining.

The next CAB meeting will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon on the third floor in the Billingsly Student Center.