Southern IMPACT hosts a skate party

Students had the opportunity to come out and “get their roll on” Nov. 4.

Disco lights, music, slips and falls along with sideline socializing took place at Southern IMPACT’s annual skate night at Keeley’s Silver Wheels at 2800 E. 24th St.

This was the fourth time for the event.

The Campus Activities Board co-sponsored the event.

“They are always good events and well attended,” said Melanie Epperson, student activities secretary.

With all IMPACT events, the skate party is intended to give students a time to relax and have fun.

“It’s basically to give people something to do other than their usual like just going out to clubs,” said Daron Harris, Southern IMPACT president.

Aside from athletic events and other campus activities, the event offers those who feel a little nostalgic an opportunity to participate in activities from their childhoods.

This was the case for Elbert Johnson, IMPACT activities director.

Johnson said he enjoyed himself at the event and it reminded him of being at home.

“I grew up around skating,” Johnson said. “When I was little, my family used to always go roller skating on the weekends.”

The first 50 students to arrive received free admission and afterward there was a fee of $3.

Monique Canada, IMPACT vice president, said a lot of hard work went into planning the event and she is anxious for the final product.

“We were pretty excited and I was pleased with the turnout,” Canada said.

With around 80 students in attendance during the spring skating party, the organization looked to increase involvement especially with increased enrollment this semester.

Whitney Hornaday, IMPACT secretary, said in the recent past, some of IMPACT’s events have not had the greatest turnouts.

The event did not exclude students from other colleges as several Pittsburg State University students were also in attendance.

Among future IMPACT events are a poetry night, and the annual Martin Luthern King Jr. luncheon and is currently making plans to run a fashion show during early spring semester with proceeds going to hurricane relief efforts. Sign-ups begin Dec. 8 in the Billingsly Student Center.

For more information on any upcoming events, contact Canada at 659-4346.