J-Mac’s Corner

For the past two weeks, I have been through the worst. Thinking I was getting better from this evil virus that has been floating around campus was not the least of my concerns.

By the end of one week, I was feeling better, but by the next week, I had a mental break down, causing myself to become sick once again.

It stinks.

The good thing is now I am better and now ready for this Thanksgiving break to start. When I thought I was just recovering from this sickness that would never go away, something else evil had to happen to me.

I think I may have passed on the illness to my wonderful computer.

To better understand what my computer has been through for the past few years, I have to start from the beginning. OK, my parents gave it to me for a graduation gift back in 2002.

It was a brand new piece of equipment, a piece of technology that would hopefully get me through school and maybe even past that.

Now, the imperative word is hopefully.

After about two years and so many interesting research papers typed on it, the computer started having problems.

By that Christmas, the hard drive crashed, and let’s just say my computer was deader than a doornail. You might as well have used it as a hockey puck because the thing was useless. After sending the computer back for repairs, it had a brand new hard drive, and I had to start all over again with a clean operating system.

Then about two months ago, I started having bigger problems. And we are not talking hard drive problems this time. This was even bigger than having a small 20-gig hard drive go up in smoke.

As of this week after getting my computer back from the computer center, I found out I have a virus.

If anyone read my article on the instant-messaging virus last week, my computer started having real problems that same week.

Coincidence? I think so.

I am warning everyone who has a computer. If you do run your anti-virus software all the time, it may not detect some of the viruses that are out there. Let me tell you the virus rewrote my operating system to the point I have to reload the entire system. It’s a pain in the rear end.

What is this world coming to?

One day your computer likes you, the next day your computer turns against you, and there is no hope in it ever behaving again.

You never know what your computer will be like until you turn it on.