Rec center plans top Senate visit with León

Eric Norris - Student Senate President

Eric Norris – Student Senate President

Student Senate ended the semester with a guest speaker.

University President Julio León joined Senate for its final meeting Nov. 30.

After the first 20 minutes of official business, Senate president Eric Norris ended the meeting to allow for León to sit in for questions.

León joined the Senate for a 50-minute questions and answers session. Questions had to submitted at least a week prior to the meeting to allow León time to prepare his answers. The questions asked ranged from “What is the status of the student recreational/health center?” to “What predictions can you give us about the possibilities of increased fees for next year?”

All of the questions were answered in time, but most of the answers revolved around the 12 percent decrease of the University’s budget due to government cutbacks.

León said it was hard to predict where money will be cut because the estimated $2.5 million has to come from somewhere. He said it would take a cut of at least 30 or 40 instructors to equal that much, which would have a substantial effect on the University. Or it would have to come out of other parts of the budget. Either way, it is going to have an effect on the University, but León was not clear on how because the changes have yet to be decided.

The meeting also yielded a new treasurer, which is senior senator Candice Dickinson. Her nomination was voted on and passed during the meeting.

Garrison Earnest, current treasurer, is leaving Missouri Southern to pursue other goals.

Earnest said he thought Dickinson will do an excellent job at treasurer.

Norris announced that around $330 was raised at Casino night, then he proposed that the Senate match that out of its budget.

The proposition was passed.

The Senate started the night with $5,956 in its budget and will have an estimated $5,626 to rollover into next semester.

There were four senators not present at the meeting: Danielle Dunn, Daniel Boyer Jr., Jacqueline Jimenez and Emeli Jimenez. However, none will lose their seat.

This was the last Senate business meeting of the semester, but the Senate did get together to go caroling and eat at Pizza by Stout on Dec. 7.