Things to consider when planning to travel abroad

Traveling the world is something we all want to do in our lifetime. The faculty and staff within the International Studies at Missouri Southern tries to make sure that happens.

Traveling abroad is a time to learn about the world and live among other cultures. Students have traveled to England, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Chile and Hong Kong. Students also receive a director that helps them with their entire journey.

Grants are also available for students to help with airfare and to make traveling the best it can be.

Here are some tips to apply if you’re thinking about traveling abroad:

  1. Make sure you have all your documents in order. It is important to get and maintain a Passport. Make sure your visa has been approved.
  2. Save any money you can. It helps to have extra spending money or money in case an emergency happens.
  3. Know about your country before you travel there. Never go into a country blind sighted. It is important to learn the language and mannerisms before traveling. Missouri Southern offers classes to help guide you and prepare for your country.
  4. Apply for all of the grants and scholarships that you can. Details and forms can be found on Missouri Southern’s website with instructions and details with how to apply. You can never apply for too much help.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take risks whenever you’re given any possible opportunity. The world is yours to take into your hands and you can do anything you believe in.
  6. Be involved with as much as you can. While it can be good to hang around people you know, it’s good to be involved with the locals and learning more about the culture.
  7. Don’t be afraid to slow it down a bit. You don’t have to get everything done and see it all in the first couple of weeks. Enjoy it and embrace it.
  8. Don’t be afraid to take all the photos you want. Every country is different from America, document it all you want.
  9. Don’t overpack. Only pack the essential items that you need. You don’t want your luggage to be too heavy and more than likely you’ll buy new clothes while your abroad.
  10. The most important is to have fun and enjoy yourself.