Stuff-a-bear offer sells out in hours

Stuff-a-bear offer sells out in hours

Stuff-a-bear offer sells out in hours

Bears, lions and frogs – students can stuff come in a variety of colors, but they also have T-shirts to show someone special how the students feel.

The Campus Activities Board ordered 100 animals, distributing amounts as equally as possible among the animals.

“The stuff a bear is a $15.00 value and they sell for $5, but CAB picks up the rest of the cost,” said Melanie Epperson, student activities secretary.

Tori Maloukis, director of student activities, said the animals are there for students without a means to buy a valentine.

“It’s my understanding from CAB that for the students who can’t get off campus, it gives them an opportunity to get something for their valentine or friend here on campus,” Maloukis said.

The idea came from an off-campus offer.

“A company we got this through sent me an e-mail,” she said. “We researched it and decided to do it.”

Some students interviewed had not heard about the bears.

“I didn’t see any posters on them until now,” said Kevin Hauk freshman, secondary education major. “It’s pretty cheap.”

However, Hauk said his girlfriend would like something different.

“She doesn’t like bears so I wouldn’t buy one,” he said.

However, others thought the animals were good gifts.

“If I had someone in my life yeah I’d buy one,” said Renea Wilson, freshman criminal justice major.

Others said the animals were announced too late.

“I do have someone in my life, but I already got her something for Valentine’s Day,” said Zach Schlup, freshman criminal justice major.

However, the animals did sell out quicker than originally thought.

“It went off very well,” Maloukis said. “They were all over it.”

One student chose to purchase the stuff a bears.

“I like the bears because they are soft,” said Leslie Brown junior, criminal justice major. “I thought they are a good price. I bought one for my friend Lindsey and she is leaving for Spain tomorrow.”

The animals started selling at 9:30 a.m. Feb. 13, but they sold out by 1 p.m.

Maloukis said the original plan was to sell them for two days, but because they sold out so quickly, the event was cut to one day.

She said the Board raised $500 from the event and that money will go back into the CAB account.

“Hopefully we’ll do it again next year,” she said. “But, next time we’ll order more.”

Nate Billings, Executive Editor, contributed to this story.