Southern Olympics replaces SPIKE night

SPIKE night is being replaced with the Southern Olympics this year.

At the Campus Activities Board meeting, Graham Dickinson, CAB vice president, said it was time for a change so spike night was cancelled.

The Southern Olympics will be on March 14. Signups are in the campus activities office, allowing three members to a team.

The events will include bobsledding, tricycle racing, figure skating and a biathlon.

But, these events will not be performed in the traditional styles. The bobsledding will be on what Candice Dickinson, CAB president, referred to as “little rolling scooter things that we all played with in grade school gym class.”

The ice-skating will be sock skating and will require a number of leaps, turns or lifts.

As for the tricycle races and biathlon, Candice said one has to be there to see it.

The Board also discussed the talent show on March 15.

Candice said the event will feature “bad singing” and “maybe some comedy acts with slightly less amounts of vulgarity than last year.”

CAB then focused on its upcoming retro dance party and how the door prizes will be handed out. Candice also mentioned the members who volunteered to meet and greet on the day of the dance and reminded them to be there at 4 p.m.

Also brought up at the meeting was the success of healthy relationships day.

“The build-a-bear went a lot better than expected,” Candice said. “We sold out on the first day and some people were mad about it the second day.”

Tori Maloukis, director of student activities, said the other events of healthy relationships day were successful as well.

“I am under the impression that they went very well,” Maloukis said. “It was my first healthy relationships day, but I think the people from student support services were happy with it.”

The events included fishing for candy, shooting a NERF gun through a heart for candy, decorating cookies and making a valentine.

“We gave out some great date packages and other great prizes,” Maloukis said. “There was pretty much a constant flow of people going through for the whole four hours.”

CAB will not meet next week because of senior assessment day, but will return on March 1. For more information visit the student activities office.