Cameras provide security

Cameras provide security

Cameras provide security

If no place else, students should feel safe on their college campus. A place intended for higher education should purely be for the intentions of learning, not having to watch one’s back.

The campus of Missouri Southern will soon be equipped with cameras for security to better serve the University. This will give security literal access to being everywhere at once.

Students should not view this as a violation of privacy, but should feel more secure. With recent and habitual crimes committed on campus, the new installments will make the campus a safer environment.

One thing which will result from this is students feeling safer walking from classes day or night alone.

Instead of students coming outside to see their vehicles having been broken into, security can catch the culprit before he or she even strikes.

Before a student finds himself being robbed at gunpoint, security can take notice of suspicious vehicles cruising around campus.

Knowing the campus is under surveillance should make some individuals think twice before engaging in what may be considered criminal activity.

The Department of Public Safety is doing its job by trying to keep the campus safe. The officers have the training necessary to make the right decisions.

Students should look toward the bright side of this new development. Being under surveillance is a small price to pay for safety. These cameras are not intended for interference and, in the future, may prevent something catastrophic from occurring.

The University is making a change for the better and it’s about time the students took a moment to thank the administration for doing its job.